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This code was modified from the famous kinectDTW. It works with Kinect SDK 1.7, but I never test it with the latest SDK 1.8. I already put my gesture dataset in RecordedGestures2013-12-02_15-15.txt
1. So, first you need to to Instal the SDK. Then add the reference, look for Microsoft.Kinect and System.speech on .NET.

2. Connect your kinect sensor.

3. Click "Load gesture" button, then locate my dataset RecordedGestures2013-12-02_15-15.txt
But you should edit the path first. Open the MainWindow.xaml.cs and edit :

private const string GestureSaveFileLocation = @"C:\Users\Admin\Documents\tesis\Latihan C#\DTW latihan\DTWUpdated1.5\DTWGestureRecognition";


private const string GestureSaveFileLocation = @"your path";

The dataset consist of recorded American Sign Language, ie. happy, hello, go there. Train your self for the sign language here

4. Since it is also have speech recognition to enable deaf person to understand what normal people said, you should also download the 3d animation sign language from download page and extract it.

To activate each animation, you should change the path to your own path in your computer. For example for sing language "you" like below:

case "you":
MediaPlayer.Source = new Uri(@"C:\Users\Admin\Documents\tesis\SL Video\SignLang-ASLanim\you.avi");

Change to

case "you":
MediaPlayer.Source = new Uri(@"your path\you.avi");

5. Press start, then you can star speak. The system will convert the voice to text and call the appropriate 3d animation to open.

Raise your question in discussion, I will try my best to answer.
FAQ:how can i save TEXT for the different in sign language? because i cant understand how can i do.. thank you in advance again
how about store and read??

Load my gesture file from source code to test it (KinectSL ver1.2 - A -> DTWGestureRecognition -> RecordedGestures2013-12-02_15-15.txt)

If you open the file, the recorded sign language is as follows:
@go there
Train your self for the sign language here
Try to gesture it (from/ go there/ good/ happy) infront of your Kinect.

Regarding your question, I am a bit forgot. I believe once you finish record the gesture, the system will ask you to name the gesture you just made.

Zico Pratama Putra

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